beats front back.jpgOne of the biggest problems in technology is battery life.

What can be worse then losing power to your portable speaker just as the beat is about to drop?

The product can catch fire thats what!

Yup, that’s right..

According to,

Apple has announced the recall of all Beats Pill XL wireless speakers after learning of cases in which the pill-shaped speakers overheated and caught fire, according to the federal Consumer Products Safety Division.

The recall, enacted June 3, involves all of the speakers sold at Apple retail stores and online or between January and June. Some 220,000 units have been sold in the United States and another 11,000 in Canada.

Apple reported there have been eight cases where the speakers have caught on fire.

If you think you’re having a bad day because you lost power to your portable speaker device just remember at least it didn’t blow ¬†up in your face.

Good news is there is plenty of competition to choose from in the wireless speaker space.

A quick glance at and you should be able to find the right speaker that won’t blow up in your face. Continue reading